Amazing street art.

Miyazaki tribute. Love Ghibli forever!


                                        Dan Piraro’s Bizarro Blo


                                        Dan Piraro’s Bizarro Blo

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Its an Endless World.


Eccojam A3 / Chuck Person

In the small repeating music loop that is life, we desperately try to grasp onto any meaningful sense of emotion that we can label or feel as “happy”, “sad”, “exciting”, “beautiful”, “tragic”, “terrifying”, but they all happen so quickly, intertwining and shifting, that we cannot hold on to these individual feelings for more than a second. Instead we sit back as our senses become conduit to the ever-changing state of a human condition. It’s a cycle, a circle, never starting or ending, only moving, just like music.

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I could stare at this for a couple hours

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Yeah Vaporwave Yeah Vaporwave